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We are a premier group of musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging researchers at UC San Diego, consisting of radiologists, MR technicians, scientists, and staff researchers.

Research Transforms Patient Care

We strive to bring the latest translational research to our patients, for better diagnostics and patient care.

November 30

Publication on TFCC of the Wrist

This article, published in Skeletal Radiology, we investigated feasibility of high resolution conventional MR, and quantitative novel MR, and biomechanical techniques to characterize pathology of h ...

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September 01

Publication on Novel MRI of the Meniscus

In this original research study (published on J Comput Assist Tomogr 2015;39: 637–642), we investigated sensitivity of novel UTE T1rho sequence to degeneration of human menisci, simulated usi ...

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Januray 03

Publication on flexor tendon of the Toes

This article, published in Skeletal Radiology, characterizes in detail anatomic structures of the pulleys of the flexor tendons of human toes.

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